Mu’taz & Rada Sawwaf M.A. in Islamic Art and Architecture

The new program, which supports the Lebanese American University core mission, is intended to initiate students into contemporary methods of inquiry and research in the field of art history, specifically as it relates to the history of Islamic Art & Architecture, and to expand their knowledge of the architectural and artistic heritage of the region.

Three courses will be offered in Spring 2015:

  1. Graduate Survey of Islamic Architecture
  2. Graduate Survey of Islamic Art
  3. Graduate Seminar: Issues in Early Islamic Art

We are also happy to announce  that Dr. Fatma Dahmani will join the faculty as a visiting professor  this spring term. Dr. Dahmani received  her doctorate from the Sorbonne (Paris 1). Her area of expertise is decoration of the architecture of Samarra (Iraq) in the early Abbasid period.

Among the activities scheduled by this program for Spring 2015 , is a workshop on Islamic Geometric Design, offered by Eric Broug in April 2015.