Graphic Design Students’ First International Traveling Studio

The International Studio to London is a study abroad experience in which students explored contemporary graphic design on an international level. This studio took place for the first time for Graphic Design majors, from 21 to 30 July 2019. The Observation, documentation, analysis and design were each integral to the course. Students visited internationally renowned exhibition halls and galleries such as The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Brands, the Design Museum, Tate Modern, the Hayward Gallery, the Japan House Gallery, the Somerset House and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. In every venue, they were confronted with masterpieces of art and design, analyzed and explained by professionals who guided the group through different narratives and contexts. Students also visited the iconic William Morris Gallery where they participated in a linoleum print workshop with artist Anna Alcock. The highlight of the studio took place at the St Bride Foundation (the typography archive) where knowledge about the history of graphic design and typography suddenly ceased to be abstract notions. During an entire day of work, students were taught the old ways of manipulating an Adana printing press by professional printer Michael Clayton and historian Bob Richardson. Artist Radhika Khimji met with students at the Tate modern museum to talk about her experience in recording sensory experiences in a creative manner as well as keeping an art journal. Historian Maciej Zimoch took the students on a walking tour in Shoreditch while discussing the ephemeral art of graffiti and its role within the social fabric of neighborhoods.

Participants: Raghid Awada, Riwan Eid, Marianne El Feghali, Jean-Pierre El Hajj, Reina Ghalayini, Hana Ghemrawi, Tamara Hajjar, Aya Hassoun, Nour Hraiby, Farah Kasti, Aya Majed, Ghaidaa Makki, Kitina Matar, Bayan Moukhallalati, Karine Saadeh, Najwa Shaar

Instructor: Danielle Kattar

Video filmed and edited by Danielle Kattar