A Cadre of New Faculty at the School of Architecture and Design 2022-23


In recent years, LAU’s School of Architecture and Design (SArD) has been on an ascending path of transformation. It has been accredited by the American National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD). Meanwhile, its students, faculty and alumni have left their marks at prestigious exhibits, competitions, and runways around the world.

At the beginning of this new academic year 2022-23,  and despite the country’s unprecedented crises, SArD welcomed on board 17 new faculty members, full time, visiting and adjunct faculty, to join its different programs.

The new faculty are (starting from top down, from left to right): May Farhat, Leyla El Sayed Hussein, Michel Francis, Ramona Abdo, Alia Noueihed, Elie Baroud, Greta Naufal, Marleen Nashef, Rafi Youakimian, Eddy Mahfouz, Christina Rahme, Hicham Bouakl, Nisrine Sarkis, Yara Abboud and Cedric Jacquemyn.

Dean Elie Haddad welcomed the new Faculty, who play an essential role, as they bring their professional knowledge and up-to-date skills to the studios and classrooms. “In professional schools like SArD, it is crucial to have the right balance between full time faculty and adjunct faculty, who complement each other in covering all the areas of the curriculum, in Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Architecture,” he added.