International Studio 2023 Exhibition - Earth Habitats, Tidal Pools, & Floating Homes

The 2023 International Studio Exhibition featured the work of students who took part in the 2023 international studios. These consisted of three distinct explorations, each engaging in a unique environment: Morocco’s earth habitats, Netherlands’ floating homes, and Portugal’s tidal pools.
“The traveling studio to Morocco, led by Vanessa Dammous and Soumar Al-Kamand, was entitled The Quest for a Contemporary Vernacular. Our trajectory spanned the Moroccan architectural landscape in all its layers of influences, from the modernist and critical regionalist works of Casablanca and Rabat completed during and after the French protectorate in the country, to the labyrinthine souks of medieval Fes, to the adobe and rammed earth typologies of remote villages where recent constructions aimed to adapt mud techniques to meet contemporary standards, thus expanding our horizons and letting us think about an architecture beyond concrete and steel. By immersing us in the country’s nightlife, cultural scene, desert tribes, and rural communities, the trip was a fascinating adventure we are unlikely to forget.” (Final year architecture student Tamara Nasr)
“The traveling studio to the Netherlands led by Elie Harfouche started as an architectural journey and proved to be an incredible adventure. We immersed ourselves in the world of architecture while exploring the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and Utrecht. Each street, canal, and building revealed its unique narrative, spanning from traditional to contemporary designs. These collective experiences transformed a mere trip into an exciting travel, instilling in us a great admiration for the Netherlands’ abundant architectural heritage.” (4th year architecture student Samer Jurdak)
The Interior Design students, accompanied by their instructors Sophie Khayat and Pierre Hage Boutros, set out on an inspiring road trip across Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Cascais, Sao Lourenco, and Barcelona. During this journey, they engaged in a profound exploration of the harmonious relationship between interior design and nature, drawing inspiration from the architectural masterpieces of Alvaro Siza, Carillho da Graca, Aires Mateus, Souto de Moura, Rem Koolhaas, Miralles, Mies Van de Rohe, Sert, Gaudi, and many more renowned architects. (4th year interior design students)
Exhibition curators: Vanessa Dammous, Pierre Hage Boutros