Institute of Art in the Arab World

Institute of Art in the Arab World



The Institute of Art in the Arab World (IAAW) at LAU is dedicated to the study of contemporary and modern artistic production from the Arab world and its diaspora.
The mission of the Institute is to promote interdisciplinary research on artistic production and curatorial practices that tackle social, economic and political issues. It aims to develop an archive of artistic activities that redefine the role of art within the Arab world, how it relates to modernism as defined by the so-called western cannon, and how it operates within the historical circumstances and political discourses coalescing in and beyond the region in relation to political conflicts, pandemics, the environment, and other global issues.
The IAAW also aims at establishing a dialogue between international scholars and the local community of scholars and artists through seminars, lecture series and other activities at the intersection of art, post-colonial and gender studies.


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