Post War Reconstruction: The Lessons of Europe


Complete Conference Proceedings. (9.4 MB, PDF)

Table of Contents

  1. Learning from European Reconstruction After WWII
    Nicholas Bullock
  2. The French Reconstruction After World War II: A Laboratory for Repairing the Present and Preparing the Future
    Patrice Gourbin
  3. Milan 1945, the Reconstruction: Modernity, Tradition, Continuity
    Raffaella Neri
  4. Reconstructing Architects: Continuity ad Gaps in Post-Fascist Italy
    Giovanni Corbellini
  5. Warsaw: A Reconstruction that Began Before the War
    Małgorzata Popiołek
  6. Processes of the Reconstruction of Polish Cities Against the European Background
    Kinga Racoń-Leja
  7. Utopian Visions in the Rubble: Constructing a New City versus Reconstructing the Old in Post-war Budapest
    Virág Molnár
  8. Miastoprojekt Goes Abroad: The Transfer of Architectural Labour from Socialist Poland to Iraq
    Łukasz Stanek
  9. Reconstruction in an Age of Globalization
    Jad Tabet