From Colombia with Love: Weaving Stories for Peace

In collaboration with the Colombian Embassy in Beirut, the School of Architecture & Design hosted the Colombia Weaving Peace exhibition from September 18 to 20 at the Gezairi Building.

The exhibition featured the artistic creations of Colombian fashion companies Manifiesta and Tejidos Chakanas, both of which specialize in producing art pieces crafted by ex-fighters and victims of the conflict, with a focus on women who have endured personal losses.

The art on display stood as a symbol of resilience and transformation, emphasizing the capacity of individuals to reintegrate into society through creative activities.

The artworks offered insights into the relationship between individuals and their natural environment and aimed to highlight the vital role of women in building peace. Additionally, the message of strength and healing was extended through a beadwork workshop offered to fashion design students as a means of fostering cultural exchange, connecting communities worldwide.
Artists Mateo Perea Bernal, Angela Maria Herrera, Indira Cerpa Granda and Sara Arias Casta├▒eda attended the event and participated in the workshops.